Site Talk is Fraud?

Posted: 25 April, 2011 in Online Earning, Scam, SiteTalk
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Now a days another Free/Easy online earning scheme has been started with the name of SiteTalk.

SiteTalk Logo

is SiteTalk scam? is a Social Networking Community platform. It has a goal of growing its online community more than FaceBook by sharing their income with the users. But they don’t even have a detailed earning model, nor anyone has the accurate details of its earning mechanism.

SiteTalk says that it is a FREE online earning community but we haven’t met anyone yet who has really earned from SiteTalk. Everyone we have met start telling stories of others who are earning, but no one was able to show us any working account.

One thing more we have came to hear that you will have to pay 150 Euros (18,000 PKR) in order to cash your money. So why should you pay for Free earning?

We also have created a free account on SiteTalk to check and verify how much guts it have. You can view our profile here at: You will find many people running through the streets to add you under their earning tree, but none of them has enough details of SiteTalk.
You can also view a detailed discussion on SiteTalk at this blog, but it is quite lengthy and mostly people from Europe are using it, so that’s why we (SMCyber) have created this blog for people of Pakistan to share their views and comments about SiteTalk.

So what you say…… is SiteTalk Fraud or Not?
Please give your comments below:

SiteTalk Community

Update: 09-July-2012

The SiteTalk has been officially declared as illegal MLM, Ponzi and Pyramid scheme. So i was right from the first day. Please see the offical information and references below:

Public Warning message by SECP (Securities and Exchange Commision of Pakistan)

  1. Faisal Javed says:

    The amount paid by u is considered as ur share in the company on sitetalk. and that amount is refundable whenever u want.

    • SufianRashid says:

      But the company could have deducted this amount from the user’s own online earnings and let him enjoy the Free online earning, but this is not the case. The users will have to invest money without any guarantee that they will get back their money or not!

      It’s just like Gambling, if you are lucky you will get the prize and all other will lose their investment. Such methods of earning are very old and have seen failure in past as well, Gold Mine is also one of those examples where users earned by inviting other users, same is the case with SiteTalk.

      SiteTalk has an immature interface with lots of problems and issues and site is not even stable. Most of the time it’s not even functioning properly.

    • Amais Bajwa says:

      but how ????????????mara paisay phasay hua hain ………kuch nahi mila abi tak …………….mara number hai 03224405374 is par aik dafa apna naam likh kar sms kar do …..main call kar loon ga ……..

  2. SufianRashid says:

    Two days ago on 04-May we went to attend a Site Talk seminar held at the Al-Hamra Hall, Lahore to ask the Site Talk’s team a few questions and share our concerns with them. Main presenter was Atif Kamran along with his team.

    The event started 1.5 hours late. The seminar started from a basic introduction of SiteTalk and Unaico and its previous ceremonies through out different countries on slides.

    Then the host Abdul Qadir told the crowd how he started the Site Talk and initially he couldn’t understand the business model but he believed in it and invited his friends to join Site Talk. According to Abdul Qadir he has a team of 3 lac people. Then he gradually invited different people of his team to share their success stories, who also told the audience about their joining and earning from SiteTalk. But none of them told anything about the earning model.

    Then after that there was awards ceremony in which all the previous presenters were given higher ranks like from team lead to team manager and team manager to executive on the basis of their performance. But still that didn’t explained anything about SiteTalk’s working.

    Then came the main presenter Atif Kamran with his English friend Ewan. They both told their own stories and criticized Facebook. Both were good presenters but still they didn’t tell us what we were expecting to hear from them….that is “HOW?”

    I wasted my 4 hours just listening to their blind success stories and dreams. I went there to ask questions but they told us just stories. I also hear the host saying that if after the presentation you have any questions then you can ask the person who invited you on the seminar. WHAT???

    The person who invited us himself didn’t know too much about SiteTalk, for that reason we went to seminar but again they were sending us back to them, and were trying to send us round in loops and circles.

    The presentation was still going on but we decided to not waste our time more and left the seminar hall, as it seemed obvious they are not going to answer our questions.
    So we are still in dark. Which means that perhaps SiteTalk is not really what it seems. Many people will not agree with us, but the fact is that SiteTalk’s seminar wasn’t impressive enough to convince us, instead we are now more sure that it is Fraud, but people will came to know about when its very late.

  3. Raheel Ghausi says:


    Mr. Muzzamil & Mr. Sufian Rashid

    Please tell me how to use sitetalk web sites?
    and how to earn this web sites?

    Raheel Ghausi

    • SufianRashid says:

      Raheel we are still trying to investigate whether the SiteTalk is Fraud/Scam or not?
      You will have to spend 150 Euros (18,000 PKR) in order to buy their cheapest package.

      So until our investigation is complete you can wait. We will surely let all of you know if SiteTalk really pays, but right now you should just wait!

  4. SufianRashid says:

    According to SMCyber’s finding the Site Talk’s business model is the same as of ‘Gold Mine’ and ‘Tiens’. If you are familiar with these companies then you should know that these companies only work on ‘REFERRAL’ system. There is no other ‘Major’ earning mechanism for these companies.You get yourself registered (after paying) and then you refer more people to join the same company. When you refer more people to the company then the company gives you commission from the registration fee paid by new persons.

    Basically the company is doing nothing, its taking money from you (to get registered) and then it asks you to bring more clients to the company (you advertise the company) and then when new persons join the company, they give you a small pile of commission from that ‘SALE’. So from every side the company is in Win Win situation.

    Everything is being done by ‘YOU’. You purchase package, You advertise for company and You bring customer to the company. In return you just get a little commission while the whole earnings went to the company. Such schemes are known as ‘Pyramid’ schemes, as they usually form a tree or pyramid like structure from your members which you brought to the company.

    So for answer to the question whether this is Scam or not? Then i will be very difficult to tell. As the company will definitely pay you. But you forget that ‘YOU’ are doing everything for the company. You give 100$ to the company and from that income if it returns you 10$ then you might think you earned something, but actually you lost those 90$ which should be yours (as you did all the struggle and company did nothing).

    Such schemes have failed in past and will also fail now.

  5. Noman Sajjad says:

    I am wai8ing very very much for the news or coment from you SufianRashid

  6. Callan says:

    The general idea here has really been lost. from what i have made out, this is not a scam. money invested with this company will be seen again. going for larger packages as well also reap greater rewards for you, such as buying and receiving future certificates that you are able to either hold and sell when the company goes public, at which are projected at an increase of nearly 100,000% These increases are enough alone to have some peace of mind. Even then, yes, the pyramid type referral system will work but not as a once off percentage payment. As members directly and indirectly linked to your account remain active, use the mall, buy and sell products etc. you will continue to receive rewards and payments, while you also remain active on the site. As your tree of friends increases, so will your revenue. It will require work, if anybody said to make money doesn’t require work, they were wrong, this is a good idea and with the right mind targeting the right people it will work very well. I do know people within unaico making a very attractive salary from this scheme, but like I said, it does require a vast amount of work to really get started and from that point it will all add up.

    • SufianRashid says:

      First thing: SiteTalk is promoting itself as the FREE online community, so why they are asking for investment?

      Second: No one is going to purchase anything from the Mall, at-least the people from Pakistan. So it means they will never get sales commission/rewards.

      Third: Problem is not targeting the right people. Problem is the initial investment ! Everyone can bring in several friends but almost everyone quits after listening to the initial investment.

      Fourth: People are not afraid of working, but instead they are afraid of losing their precious investment, just because the friends they are trying to bring in can’t afford the initial investment. Even if they themselves purchase the package somehow, but their progress/earning is based on the new members they make. So they are helpless here and can’t do anything in this regard and will ultimately lose their money.

      Fifth: How is anyone going to purchase the future certificates when he can’t even purchase the basic one. Be realistic! If these people could afford 150-500 euros then they won’t be looking for earning from SiteTalk.

  7. hamza says:

    @Sufian Rashid the thread u have posted about the sitetalk please notify us about ur investigation.

  8. Farooq says:

    Sufian Rashid sb:


    I recently met with Mr. Abdul Qadir and he give me a presentation , My real uncle who is living in our neighbours has earned approximately five lack in last seven months from , i can deny and disagreed with Mr A Qadir Mr. Atif and his team but i can,t deny the words of my real uncle who invested 149 EU and earned Five lacks in limited time span.

    Yes its true , company is doing nothing every thing done by USER. ITS BIG NEGATIVE POINT OF SITETALK.COm Currently if your login you can not register on it .

    Plus point:
    The best part of which i like to share on site talk that its OFC (future shares ) and every week amount of these shares increasing and members are getting profit from it , all OFC are enashable at any time.

    I am just studying and searching about site talk and still i have not decided that may i start it or not.


    People who want to online earning by investing just 5000 to 6000 thay can use Google adsense by making a web site and promote this web site as i am doing it since 2006(when i was student) and i am getting money monthly basis from google. i am living in Lahore – Pakistan , in this online buisness you No need to refer any one , No need to give a single penny to google , No Daily or Monthly expenses ….just required your 2 hours daily to work on your OWN web site to update it and to ptomote it.

    I can help out any one who is intrested to start this business. I will guide and teach Free , i Will never demand to give any one or any company to etc EURO or DOLLARS 🙂 Just save little amount from your Pocket money and you can start working and earning with in one month

    Sky is the limit …………do what you want…. and what you can…..

    Your Well Wisher
    Farooq –

    • SufianRashid says:

      @Farooq: I never said that ‘SiteTalk will never pay you’. They will definitely pay you, because you are giving money to them, and from that money your are earning very less commission.

      However exceptions are always there. Your uncle might have links with different people already doing some job who can ‘easily afford 150 Euros’. So they joined SiteTalk, and when they joined your uncle got very good commission, and then your uncle showed that earning/commission to his friends/links he just have brought to SiteTalk, they saw the earning and became excited.

      Now when the new people became excited they used their full energy to bring new people. Now they might be already doing job. So they could also easily afford starting fee and that is the main reason for your uncle’s earning.

      BUT can a jobless/poor person do that? He will have friends/links with mostly poor people of his kind or class. So even if he purchases the account, he can’t bring his friends (not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t afford). So when he can’t even bring his own friends, how will he bring other people.

      End result: He will lose his money and earn nothing.

    • Masnobi says:

      Assalamu Alaikum Farooq,

      I can help out any one who is intrested to start this business. I will guide and teach Free , i Will never demand to give any one or any company to etc EURO or DOLLARS 🙂 Just save little amount from your Pocket money and you can start working and earning with in one month


      • Burhan says:

        i want to learn about google adsense can u tel me your email

      • SufianRashid says:

        Burhan: For Google adsense you need to have a website with enough daily traffic + it should have ORIGINAL content and material.
        Means you shouldn’t have copy/pasted images/articles from other websites. If you do so; then your google adsense account will be banned immediately without any warning; and you can’t re-open it for your whole life.

        So its very difficult to work with Google ads; even the websited 4-6 years old also got they accounts banned and without any explanation.

    • Burhan says:

      @farooq: can i get ur email so that i can know about adsense

  9. cadabra says:

    I like your comments very much, SufianRashid 😉

  10. Joe says:

    this is a real good site to get the information for sitetalk

  11. Dennis Tan says:

    Thank u very much for ur keen observation, SufianRashid. I really agree to Joe that this is the real good site for those who are still adamant or doubtful to invest to SITETALK. This is really an enlightening & intelligent observation. Thank u again, SufianRashid. 🙂

  12. Falik says:

    Just one question,SufianRashid, you’ve been using Sitetalk for almost 5 months(assuming the post was written when you started),how much have you been paid?

    • SufianRashid says:

      Falik: Do you think after investigating so much about SiteTalk, wo would still join SiteTalk ? Absolutely Not.
      Be careful and don’t waste your money and time by joining SiteTalk.

  13. Falik says:

    I’m not joining at all, I did a bit of research, actually stumbled by your site while reading the comments on and after reading the more or less 600 comments , i finally figured out its a big SCAM and would recommend everyone against it.

  14. harismughal says:

    completely faraud it is……….They pay only those who directly linked with sitetalk admins other wise you never get any reward for using such a boaring site.

  15. Well Sufian I also hover in searching about this Sitetalk Network. And I am glad that you are doing major help to members which is also my thinking. I also have never joined this network and after seeing many complains from my own friends about their network , I also plan to say something like you have said.

    Check this ….I have same idea of spreading the message …

  16. Thanks Friend for your reply. Now I am feeling a strong support that I am not alone in this right path. I have also a team of spreading the same message. I really like your website and I will go through it always in future.

  17. Martin says:

    Hey! Im also a new guy to sitetalk and i must share your points of view… the seminars are shit if you want your questions answered better just read the instructions in the unaico back office…. i managed to earn 900+ euros, hovever you must deduct the 500e i paid in so i made a bit of profit… the site works fine its the phylosophy and the people presenting it that makes it doubtfull. Im quite sorry for the people who went to a seminar and didnt have their questions answered… try talking to the “succesfull” people after teh seminars. I hope they will help you.

    • SufianRashid says:

      @Martin: But still the point is ‘FREE’ income. SiteTalk compares itself to FaceBook which is free, then why Sitetalk asks its users to pay to get paid. And also the amount is too much for people in Pakistan and other countries where they are targeting mostly poor people.

      You know better that the mostly young generation use these social community sites and majority of them don’t have any source of income, so they easily fell prey to such ponzi schemes. Yes, Sitetalk is another kind of pyramid scheme and that is why they confuse people in their earning model. Because if they clearly tell about their business and earning model, then obviously no one will want to join it.

      Now lets talk about you: you said you earned 900e…but in how many days? and how many friends you had to refer to get to the 900e?

  18. FARHAN says:

    someone like sufian jealos with other work, that type of peoples just want to show nagative impression about sitetalk, i have many peoples like them, i am working with sitetalk and fully satisfied, i want to advice them wait until this company come to stock market and dont post ur stuppid comments, me and my friends and lot of peoples earning with sitetalk. did not u see their team leaders, team managers and directors? how they come at this position , just becouse of their work, i think ur looser of u have other online work so u want to make down this site my senior leadership came from bangkok in last days their was a globel sitetalk convention, i have one message for u. Loosers never win, niether in a game nor in a life.

    • SufianRashid says:

      Farhan: Looks like you are quite a supporter of SiteTalk.
      Well I have no personal problems with the SiteTalk, infact i was also willing to join SiteTalk and that is why i attended their seminar and took a deep dive into their earning model. But i couldn’t find any strong model, the complete earning model was based on referrals.

      Well i also heard that the company will come to Stock Market 6 months ago, but still it haven’t moved into stock market and i am very much confident that it will never.

      I think you have earned enough from SiteTalk and you have seen people who have earned, so lets hear what you say about SiteTalk.

      If you think you are winner then can you let us know:
      When did you joined SiteTalk and which package you purchased?
      How much you have earned from SiteTalk?

  19. Raheel Ranjha says:

    hahahahaha…. kids hahahahaha try to use computer for positive activities…… watever u say i’m satisfied & m working with full potential….. theres a saying in urdu..””kuttay bhonktay rehtay hain aur….”” samajh te gaye ho gay……. hahahaha

    • SufianRashid says:

      wow what a useful comment there!
      That saying you have given; exactly fits on you :), because you are the one who is *barking* here.
      If you have some proofs then show here and prove us wrong…!

  20. sarah says:

    this sitetalk company is just a cyber pyramid scam!

  21. Umbreen says:

    @ sara Sufian etc ..all people who think that site talk is paramid..then let me tell you that its not. Please don’t spread the false information. if we can’t understand some thing or don’t have experience with, we quick to blame others.

    I’m from Aus and sitetalk is not launched here yet… yes they got themself registered here in au. Now people from Australia can register since jan 2012. Pyramid scheme is illegal and I have gone through documents from AU officials (which is posted on unaico website) , I can assure you the business they are doing is not illegal.. What you are saying above about pyramid etc is not right. I have joined unaico just last body introduced this to me. some how I read it some where and did my own research. In just 2-3 days I’m able to understand their structure very well. may be it was easy for me to understand as I’m already associated with a network marketing company “Amway” who is in business since last 50 years and have around 10 billion in sales last year and listed at 25 In ranking in FORB. I also have experience with an other direct selling company.
    I can totally understand your concerns. I feel sorry that you were not being guided very well. I’m available any time for any one who want to discuss their concerns about site talk. I even haven’t started recommending it to friends as I’m still getting my self organized. But I’m confident enough that I can answer all the questions mentioned in the above post. You can send me an email at and I would prefer a conference call as I find it challenging to explain it in writing.

    • SufianRashid says:

      hmm…so you joined SiteTalk just a week ago and now you are advocating them on different forums with legal document proofs; and you also created a gmail id for Unaico Australia; that’s interesting.

      But still what you said are mere words not proofs. Why don’t you just tell us here; how SiteTalk is not a pyramid scheme? It will be easier for all.

  22. BLACK HAT HACKER says:

    yar koi bahi mara account lay lay
    sirf 10000 main ….mujay kuch karna nahi aata
    paisay phasa baitha hun ….
    yahan mera contact form hai sari information hain meti
    contact me
    EMAIL # rananouman95 @, amais_007 @,

  23. Jarle Thor says:

    It is a scam, run by a bunch of gangsters. look here at see the video of sitetalk leader in action:

  24. Umbreen says:

    Bear with me; I’ll try to write on the subject in detail as soon as I could. please Keep in mind I’m not advocating site talk or have any relationship with the company. I’ll just share my analyses based on my experience and research. The fact is that no body introduced me to site talk neither I have been to their seminars. I’m free. But I would like to share my views about this opportunity based on my experience and analyses. I do think that there are couple of things mentioned in this bog are being mis-understood.
    Once again Please bear with me I’ll try to write in detail as soon as I be able to spare some time. I wouldn’t be advocating becoming a member or defending the company but just will be sharing my analyses.

  25. sadam says:

    i did not join yet…

  26. itelgroupscam says:

    The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Rawalpindi, has unearthed another double Shah-like scam in which a large number of people were deprived of their hard-earned money in the name of ‘attractive investment’ in local and international markets.
    The bureau started an inquiry against a firm called UNAICO Pakistan involved in the scam and sealed its office in Saudi-Pak Tower in the federal capital.
    It also froze three bank accounts of the firm and put the name of its chief executive on the exit control list (ECL).
    Atif Kamran, the main character of the scam and the owner of the company, is on the run but his name has been put on the ECL.

    More information:

  27. hamid khan says:

    please any one send me detail about online job that from which company i can start real jobs what is fact?

  28. true indi says:

    i am STRONGLY agree with above questions ! it is looking like scam !! actually personally i am waiting for last 2 yrs there is no development, no payment system from asian market, and no 1 bv system, 1 bv system is biggest fake, many times they are changing company name like (enigro, unaico, now opn…:) }..IF U WANT MONEY & COMMISSIONS IN OPN …U MUST PAY …now they are plan to collecting 35 euro per annum auto ship fee, per 1bv – 2 euro compulsory purchase every week …..why left Sr.Director Achiever- Atif Kamaran & President Achiever- Gabor Venzel from Hungery..They are the TOP Leaders in Unaico !! So, judge your self before join SITETALK/UNAICO/OPN?

  29. Shahid says:

    “Update: 09-July-2012

    The SiteTalk has been officially declared as illegal MLM, Ponzi and Pyramid scheme. So i was right from the first day. Please see the offical information and references below:

    Pakistan Today News – NAB starts probe into UNAICO ponzy scheme
    Dawn News – People fall for another Double Shah
    Public Warning Message by SECP (Securities & Exchange Commision of Pakistan)”

    In reply to your above post, it is basically people like you who spoil good opportunities like these. The people who do not understand the thing, can not build their business and then say ” oh this is a fraud and then how simple it is to send an email to NAB or SECP and request help on this ponzy scheme company.” That is why this company closed there business in Pakistan as we do not deserve it.
    This particular company is at number 1 ranking in the world at the moment, check it out yourself. i also joined, paid 18000 as i saw an opening in it for me just like all the people who join and pay. I was unable to earn any thing as i failed to build my business. That is my fault and incapability and i must not hold company responsible for this.
    My advise to you is to do some thing positive in your life for yourself. Do not just waste your time dishing out such immature and childish information.
    Good Luck

    • SufianRashid says:

      So you are saying that the company closed its business in Pakistan just because people like me said it was Fraud! that is pure childish behavior from your side. and for your information this is Pakistan…where it is easy to make people fool and then convince them to “invest” money just to make it double. Isn’t that was what double shah did? and people believed him and he was even doubling their money as well; but still why he is behing the bars?…. because the business he was doing was just scam. Same is the case with the Site Talk.

      “This particular company is at number 1 ranking in the world at the moment”: Did you ranked the company yourself or what? Wake up kid, the number one company in what business? Majority of my friends have never even heard about it. You are day dreaming brother.

      If the company was so “ORGINIAL” then why didn’t they fought back in the court? why did they ran away? No 1 company in the World and on the run just because they can’t explain what their business model is. It is only because they don’t have any business model. They take money from one people and give it to second one; then they take money from third one and give it to second one and so on and on they do like this. That is what Pyramid scheme is.

      Where is “Gold Mine”, “Tiens” now? Didn’t they have the same business model?

      It is very sad to hear that you lost your money; but it is more bad to hear that you don’t think you have fallen prey to a fraud scheme. If you keep on living with that mind; you will lose more money in other schemes.

      Just remember one thing: “It is very very hard to earn money”. If someone tells you that you can get rich in few months or even a year; then you should seriously think what they are up to!

      Good Luck for your future. Ameen.

  30. Shahid says:

    Dear fellow, your observations are based on shallow knowledge. I am not here to convince you or degrade you. We can have opinions that may differ. One thing i assure you that you can not make a person to pay even a single rupee until and unless that person see some kind of profit in it. In my opinion this situation arises when untrained people who just want to quickly expand their business start giving false expectation and tell people that they will not have to do any thing. Lets do some thing positve! And one more information for you, Tiens is still doing solid and long lasting business in Pakistan and thousand of people are earning money from this company.
    Khuch logon kay liyay angoor khatey hotey hain.
    Good luck and best wishes for you.

    • says:

      If the company is no more working in Pakistan then who are the people who still cheating poor and innocent people and organizing the events .My maid and her all family members also getting involved in this scheme through a friend who said them that he is now buying a home for 85 crore which he earned from a scheme same like this .Now she also wanna left the job and thinking to become a millioner very soon .at one time 6975 she will earn 3000 per week .Pls find out a solution instead of blaming each other .I promiss her that after my research I can give her a better Idea .But after reading these opinions I am very confused .

  31. Concern asian says:

    Please I am one of the victim here in Asia, I payed 2,300 euro but convert to our money not to mention my country cause I am planning to sue them so that they will not scape, until now after one year no card as they promised not even what they called BV’s all zero and they said that we can withdraw some money, I tried and it is really impossible!!! so please I am warning you forget this scam! 2,300 euro is a lot of money!

  32. zalo says:

    i am also a vcitom…………………………..

  33. Abdul Qadir victim says:

    Abdul Qadir looted people by selling fake stolen gift cards. He made millions by cheating people. One person who made most money out of Unaico is Abdul Qadir. He cheated people in Pakistan and this is why Unaico dont want to do business in Pakistan.
    Everyone knows about Abdul Qadir selling stolen cards. He should feel shame.

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